Fort Bend Christian Home Schools (FBCHS) is a family based organization created for the express purpose of supporting home school families in the Fort Bend County Area.The group provides a means of communication between home school families and the sharing of information pertinent to provision of high quality education outside the public school system.


Membership is available to any family that resides in Fort Bend County, TX that expresses interest in home schooling and makes payment of the annual membership dues.FBCHS is founded upon Christian principles and requires the Steering Committee officers, Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor to profess acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, believe in His Deity, and believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God.The express intent of this group is to support home school families.Therefore, membership is open to families of all faiths upon the understanding that Christian principles govern this organization.


Membership dues are $17.50 for the year beginning August 1 through July 31.Families may join FBCHS at any time during the school year.These families will be required to pay the full membership fee if joining on or prior to January 30 of the year.Families joining after January 30 will receive a five-dollar discount off the membership fee of $17.50. Membership entitles the family to voting privileges at each of the two business meetings each year, subscription to the FBCHS News (up to nine issues yearly), a copy of the support group directory, and other intangible benefits such as participation in the yearly graduation ceremony for high schoolers, eighth graders promoting to ninth grade, and kindergartners promoting to first grade.


FBCHS sponsors various field trips and activities during the months of September through May.Park Day is a monthly activity held on the third Wednesday of each month from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Travis Park (located on Damon Street between Avenue L and N) in Rosenberg.


FBCHS will hold one graduation ceremony each year.This annual ceremony may include high school seniors, eighth graders promoting to ninth grade and kindergartners promoting to first grade.The ceremony will be organized and planned by all the parents of participating children.All involved families will decide as a team how the ceremony will be paid for.Nonmembers may not participate in the graduation ceremony.


FBCHS will have two business meetings each year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.The purpose for the business meetings is to elect officers, provide an accounting of the FBCHS treasury, and to discuss/vote on issues affecting the operation of the support group.The date, time, and location for the business meetings will be prominently published in the newsletter.Each parent of each member family is entitled to one vote.Only members in attendance at the business meeting may vote.Votes are not be accepted by proxy, telephone, facsimile, email, or any other method of transmission.


FBCHS Steering

Committee for 2001-2002

Gail Keker

Lisa Gallardo

Muffy Garrett


Newsletter Editor

Lori McDuffie



Melanie Kristynik



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Last revised: February 2, 2002